Canterbury Woods is YOUR neighborhood and you can make a difference in its appearance and the quality of life it affords for all of its residents. Your contribution of ideas, time, elbow grease...however big or encouraged and appreciated. Would you be able to help pick up litter on your walks, organize an Easter egg hunt, paint a stop sign post, change a lightbulb at the clubhouse or maybe plant some flowers? It's your community and you have a right to participate in making us the best that we can be. This is a good place to start....


The following are active committees that meet once per month at the clubhouse and are always in need of a few more folks to add their ideas and opinions:

  • Social/Welcome Committee:
    • Planning social gatherings for adults, kids, and families in the neighborhood using our pool, clubhouse or volleyball areas.  Oyster roasts, board game competitions, tennis round robins, toddler swim meets, morning coffee's, pool parties, group garage sales, book clubs, visits from Santa or the Easter bunny, card games...any of these activities would be encouraged and supported by the Board.
    • Welcoming new people into our community with a visit and a pre-assembled package of goodies including discount coupons for nearby retailers, recipes, maps and a copy of the covenants.
    • SCOTTY BUFF   (864) 415-3678
    • BRITTANY GEIGER   (828) 234-3211
    • KRISTI TOLLEY      (843) 267-2826

     Architectural Review Board:

    • Helping to review and approve proposed improvements to yards, houses, and other structures, alerting homeowners of covenant violations that need attention, and working to correct situations that may affect owners' "quiet enjoyment" of their property and quality of life here in Canterbury Woods.  This is the most important group of volunteers in our community as they must be vigilant in enforcing the by-laws in order to preserve the value of all properties.  And yet, it is critical that this enforcement be applied in a fair, friendly, respectful and professional way.

  • Pool & Clubhouse Committee:
    • Helping decide on what our neighborhood's policies will be to improve the pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, & volleyball area.  Are there rules that need to be amended, added or deleted?  Are there policies that work well and ones that need changing?  These are your amenities and you have a voice in how they are used.

  • Garden/Landscape Committee:
    • Helping to plant flowers and make the public areas beautiful year round and during seasonal holidays.  We don't have a service that does this kind of thing for the neighborhood so we hope that residents will take the initiative and put their decorating ideas and planting talents to use.  Just email or call a board member with your ideas or plans and typically the Board gratefully supports these efforts financially.