This week in the Neighborhood.
The Canterbury Woods Pool Status: 
 Closed for season
HOA Annual Meeting Scheduled!!!

The yearly meeting is scheduled for Nov 30th, 2020 at the HOA club house.

Meeting start will be at 6:00 pm

Please plan to attend or have your proxy vote letter submitted before then. 

The Canterbury Woods HOA Pool and Clubhouse committee just announced an Up Date to the daily pool schedule opening and closing time. The new times are as below:

OPENING time: 6:30 AM daily
CLOSING time: 9:00 PM daily

This is to allow for the extra time needed every night to complete the extend cleaning process for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission.

Thank you for your understanding on this issue and matter.  




The Governor and DHEC are allowing pools to open – but only under strict guidelines designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19. In order to open and stay open, everyone individually and collectively must follow these guidelines. If compliance with these guidelines cannot be achieved, the pool will be closed indefinitely.

1. Self-isolation – if you are sick stay home
2. Practice social distancing – 6 feet
3. Wash hands frequently
4. We are only allowed 20% of normal occupancy – 32 people. Please be
courteous when the maximum head count has been reached.
5. Commonly used hard surfaces (bathrooms, door handles, handrail, ladders,
gate) should be disinfected between each use by a different person.
This is where your help is needed. As we do not have a pool attendant there all open
hours, we are counting on you to clean up and wipe down after yourselves.
6. All chairs and tables have been removed. Please use towels only and take
with you when you leave. If left it will be discarded at the end of the day.
7. You may bring your own pool toys, but do not leave them. All toys will be
discarded at the end of the day.
8. No food is allowed. No picnics or snacks may be brought in at this time.
9. Because of the limited number of bathers allowed, we request that guests,
parties and social events be eliminated at this time.
10. All previous SC Public Swimming Pool Regulations (our posted “Pool Policies”)
require full compliance.

The above guidelines are mandatory and self-regulated. Please do your part following them - as well as our previous pool policies - so that we can all enjoy the pool in this difficult time.

Thank you,
Canterbury Woods HOA

28 October 2019

Canterbury Woods HOA Annual Meeting 2019

The 2019 Annual HOA meeting will be held on December the 10th 2019 at the Clubhouse.

Refreshments will be served at 6pm.
Meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

Canterbury HOA Board Meeting Night Change

Starting in November of 2019 the HOA Board meetings have moved to the 4th Monday of every Month. They will still be held at the Clubhouse at 6:30 pm.
18 March 2019

Up Coming Community Pool Events:

April 15th - 
Pool access Fobs will be issued for all residents needed a Pool access fob. Please go to the HOA Club house between 4pm and 7pm on the 15th of April.

April 28th-
Pool Work day, Please come out and help to set up the community pool.  There are two times for this event,  so please to come to either the 10am or the 1pm time slot on the 28th.

May 1st-
First day of Pool being open. The Pool will be open from 6 am to 10 pm daily.

16 March 2018

On March 27. The Dutch Ambassador to the US will be here to talk about how the Dutch approach water management.  We have been invited by city councilman Kevin Shealy for anyone interested in the neighborhood to attend this meeting to learn more about flooding issues. 

There is limited seating So making reservations ASAP.

Here is a link to register for tickets:

An entertaining and uplifting evening hosted by the Honorable Mayor John Tecklenburg, and featuring a variety of nationally acclaimed performers, including Charlton SingletonQuiana ParlerHeather RiceLowcountry Voices6:30 – 8 p.mat the Gaillard Center. Proceeds benefit the Homeless to Hope Fund, a special fund created by the Mayors’ Commission on Homelessness and Affordable Housing, in partnership with The Palmetto Project, to provide a conduit for assisting local service provider efforts to implement innovative affordable housing and other support that helps end homelessness in the tri-county area.

All four Lowcountry Mayors are driving the support of this initiative:

  • The Honorable John J. Tecklenburg, Mayor, City of Charleston
  • The Honorable R. Keith Summey, Mayor, City of North Charleston
  • The Honorable Will Haynie, Mayor, Town of Mount Pleasant
  • The Honorable Wiley Johnson, Mayor, City of Summerville

Pink VIP tickets also include recognition in the program, access to the pre-show reception and complimentary parking

Provided as a public service by
The Palmetto Project, Charleston, S.C.
All rights reserved.
8 March 2018
City of Charleston Flood Program Meeting Thurs. Feb 8th at 3pm.
19 October 2017
Legare Rolling Farmers Market

Please come out to the HOA Club house every Tuesday  from 4:30 PM to 6:30PM

23 August 2017
Church Creek Basin Drainage Study Meeting

Location: Canterbury Woods HOA Clubhouse
Date: 13 September 2017
Time: 6:30 PM

Please plan for and attend the Church Creek Basin Drainage study meeting being held at our club house on the 13th of September. We will be having a discussion with the engineering firm that is contracted to conduct the study. on the area drainage and flooding from the Thousand year Flood and from Hurricane Mathews and any possible future issues. Below is a description of the study provided by the contractor and a way to contact them with any issues you might have with the Church Creek Basin drainage. 

7 April 2017

A Note from the Landscaping committee

Attention Homeowners:

On Thursdays, please refrain from parking around HOA-maintained common areas including cul-de-sac islands and curbs.  It has come to our attention that if cars are parked along these common areas, our landscape company will not be able to access some of these sections due to liability reasons.  Cars parked in these areas are at risk of being struck by flying debris including rocks, acorns and other objects.  Additionally, cars parked in front of yard waste prevent the city/county from being able to pick these items up in a timely manner.  We all would like to see our neighborhood maintained the best way possible.  We appreciate your cooperation.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Landscape Committee at or (843) 647-1402.


Thanks for your help,



Information about Plan West Ashley

'Plan West Ashley' will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of West Ashley's streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces. The Plan will set broad policies and identify specific actions aimed to enhance quality of life and protect the area’s historic, cultural and natural environment. Community participation will be critical to shaping the vision. The process to create the plan will provide many opportunities for input, including hands-on community meetings and workshops, a week-long open planning studio, and multiple small group conversations with stakeholders and community participants. This website will supplement in-person meetings, providing background information, project updates, and an additional way to interact with your neighbors and share your thoughts. The resulting plan will integrate all of the feedback and information gathered to define goals, objectives, and specific strategies to achieve the vision for West Ashley.

Kickoff & Hands-On Design Sessions (April 24 & 25May 6, 2017)

Help to identify priorities, and discuss opportunities and challenges for the future of West Ashley. Potential precedents and examples from other places will be presented as "food-for-thought" to begin the conversation. The assembly will then break into smaller groups to discuss ideas and sketch solutions to challenges. At the conclusion of the session, each group will present their "big ideas", which will begin to establish the community vision. Four Hands-on Sessions will be held to focus on different areas of West Ashley; see the Events tab at for meeting times and locations.


Open Studio (May 8 - 12, 2017)

The consultant team will work at an open, on-site studio to assemble and synthesize the feedback from the hands-on design sessions. Ideas will be tested and evaluated throughout the week to arrive at potential solutions that achieve project goals and address feedback received. During this week, there will be an Open House and meetings with key stakeholders and community organizations as well as City, County, and local agencies. The studio and meetings will be open to community members to observe and provide input, as the vision is refined. If you couldn't make the Kickoff & Hands-On Design Session, don't worry - anyone can come to the Open Studio to share ideas!  As the dates draw near, check the Events tab at for more information.

Visit for full details on the event locations and times. Canterbury Woods is located in Area 4, which is the largest area of the plan.'

ARC's friendly reminder about Charleston's nuisance pet laws 

All residents are entitled to their rights of "quiet enjoyment" so...Please be aware when your pet is barking - a minute is one thing, but constant  or intermittent barking can be very annoying --if you have tried to mention it to your offending neighbor and it persists, then see the numbers below for reporting.

The City of Charleston pet ordinances and our Canterbury Woods covenants require that all pets be restrained with a leash and under owner control within the public rights-of-way or on public property. Dogs shall be kept on a leash or otherwise confined in a manner whenever outside the dwelling. Canterbury Woods does not have any off leash, dog run areas -no pets are to be on the tennis or basketball courts nor at the pool or play park areas.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets on all areas in Canterbury Woods (and Charleston County and City) including common areas wooded areas(that may not appear to be walked on or owned by someone)streets and power easements. Our common areas and play parks are there for the enjoyment of everyone and should not be hampered by piles of dog/cat waste not to mention the unhealthy conditions that occur from this owner neglect. Unknown to most, cats are also required to be confined to owner's property as well. A collar is required with a current rabies tag and a city license. 

Any violations are ticketable offenses which carry fines (City of Charleston) starting at $158.00. The Animal Services Unit strives to educate residents to be responsible pet owners in an attempt to prevent issuing citations, especially in today's economy. Another common issue is residents failing to pick up after their pets which can carry a fine of up to $500.00. For further information or to report violations regarding these areas, please contact the City of Charleston Animal Control Division at 720-3915. The Animal Control officers can respond properly to these complaints and can issue warnings or fines. Thank you for your observance of these rules and ordinances.

Sec. 5-16. - Acts deemed public nuisance.

It shall be unlawful for any dog owner to keep or have within the city a dog that habitually or repeatedly chases, snaps at, attacks or barks at pedestrians, bicyclists or vehicles, or turns over garbage pails, or damages gardens, flowers or vegetables or conducts itself so as to be a public nuisance, or to permit a female dog to run at large during its estrous cycle.

(Code 1975, § 5-24; Ord. No. 1976-29, § 1, 9-14-76)

Sec. 5-18. - Keeping of animals which disturb peace, comfort or health.

No person shall keep within the city limits any animal which by reason of frequent or continual noise or unsanitary conditions disturbs the peace, comfort or health of neighbors.

(Code 1975, § 5-29; Ord. No. 1976-29, § 1, 9-14-7

Pictures from Past Canterbury Woods Event!
September 9th
Have you ever wondered what species that is in your backyard at the feeder or the birdbath?  Well we here at Canterbury Woods have our very own "bird guy" or avian specialist and he is more than happy to come over and see what you have.  His name is Ray Swagerty and he writes:

I've been here since I had the house built at 2836 South Moss Oak, in early 1992.  Birds are not my "day job" but they abound here.  I have noted over 130 species from the yard alone!  This very past weekend, SCDNR trapped, banded and released, in my yard 2 target species, (over-wintering Baltimore Orioles, and Orange-crowned Warblers).  Currently, I have a species which has been noted in winter from lowcountry SC-- twice--ever.  It has been visited by a coupla hundred folks since Dec. 26th, (including SCDNR---- and also by the Sr. Range Map Editor for every major North American field guide.  It has been documented by the Nat'l Audubon Soc., the Carolina Bird Club, and by the Smithsonian.  All I'm trying to say is this.  We have tons of birds here.  This is a special place.  If anyone sees something in the neighborhood, (bird-wise), and they want to know more about it----or even just what it is,, (and perhaps put into context),----call me.

Feel free to take advantage of Ray's expertise and his generous offer to help us amateur bird watchers identify our visitors.  Write him at :